“Workers safety improvement and significant reduction of maintenance costs by monitoring and inspecting steel plants with a new type of autonomous flying drones”


• Improved construction of drones: using a cage to ensures health and safety of workers in case of accidents

• Autonomous charging station, robust enough for steel industry environment

• Integrated system for data acquisition from drone sensors


• Algorithms for autonomous but nevertheless robust flight in complex areas

• Strategy for a coordinated activation and scheduling for a fleet of drones 

• Suitable human machine interface for drones based on smartphones


• Training system for drone control/management for operators

• List of social impacts of drone applications at the plants and its workers’ day-to-day employment 

• List of all legal and company internal constraints for autonomous flying drones



Inspection of roofs and chimneys


Monitoring and detection of chemical leak


Surveillance of high voltage areas and CO detection


Anti intrusion surveillance

Restricted areas

Flight into restricted areas - Indoor or confined